My name is Michael Milota.
Although I have no formal art education or training, art is my life.

My media is a modified Panamanian art form, called "Mola," 

first introduced to me by a 7th grade art teacher. 

The Kuna people of Panama hand stitch vibrantly colored, stacked layers of fabric.
This process creates colorful images of nature and beautiful geometric patterns.

Instead of fabric, our teacher had us use stacked paper.
Instead of stitching, we used detail cutting blades to cut the paper.
And she inverted the process by going inward vs. stacking out.

Stylistically, I am constantly on the move.
Earlier works are chaotic and psychedelic, reflecting my mind state at that time.
Recent works are heavily influenced by my yoga practice.
As I mature into my artistic styles, I keep looking and moving forward, ALWAYS!

This is a new fusion of mola, mediums and geometry.
It has been dubbed, by yours truly, as Quantummola Art.


"In this practice, no effort is wasted and there is no failure!" -Baghavad Gita

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